Capture|Photography by Mick & Tiffany


Charles & Erin - May 20, 2017

Collage - Berry Wedding.jpg

OMG...The Berry Wedding was absolutely beautiful. This was definitely one of the best weddings of the Summer. Everything worked. The venues were amazing, the weather was nice, the food was delicious, and Charles & Erin were STUNNING! The Berrys put a lot of time, energy, and effort into making their day perfect and it showed. 

Charles and I grew up in the same town and we've known each other for over 30 years so when he called and asked us to shoot his was a no brainer. 

We started the day off at their place. There, we got some really awesome detailed shots of the dress, the rings, the shoes, and the jewelry. Our plan was to leave there and head to the hotel, where Charles and his groomsmen were getting dressed, but there was a  slight change in plans and we ended up meeting them at the Chapel instead. 

The ceremony was held at St. Mary's Chapel in uptown Charlotte. It was absolutely beautiful and we loved everything about it. This was our first wedding at this chapel and we can't wait to shoot more there.

Dad walking Erin down the aisle.

Dad walking Erin down the aisle.

Everything about this wedding was one for the books. Thanks to the Berrys for allowing us to #CaptureTheirMoment and Congratulations to Erin and Charles on their marriage. Looking forward to shooting with them more in the future. ;)